Located in the beautiful and sunny Western Bay of Plenty, Matahui School is small independent primary school located on Matahui Rd, 10 minutes south of Katikati and 20 minutes north of Tauranga.

At Matahui School we’ve discovered a unique formula, that delivers astounding academic results in a different way.​  We have developed a unique approach to teaching and developing amazing confident young people.

So what are the key elements that make Matahui School so unique?

Children at Matahui School

Our Children

Children at Matahui School are very diverse. We have wide range of families from many different backgrounds. Children of all ages interact and engage with one-another inside and outside of school. Our oldest and youngest students regularly help each other and collaborate with our buddy system. Age is no barrier because they share values that are reinforced in our programme of learning. Children at Matahui love coming to school for all the unique and fun activities!

The school community at Matahui School is very engaged and positive with a can do attitude

Our Community

Matahui has a positive, enthusiastic and engaged community.   Parents are great contributors to the school and school activities.  Through a strong supportive relationship between home and school we acknowledge and respect the significant connection between the child, the parent and teacher. The school is governed by a strong pro-active Board of Trustees who appreciate “giving back”.  To see regular updates from the school community follow our FB page Click Here.

Our Environment

At Matahui our learning environment extends beyond the traditional classroom. We add depth and real life experiences by utilising the natural environment.  The school wide Matahui tradition of Boat Day is a perfect example of the rich learning experiences for children at Matahui. Our School grounds include edible gardens, sand pits, hut building, outdoor music areas and nature areas just to name few features. We encourage our students to get involved with the environment that surrounds us by playing, creating, investigating, exploring, innovating and communicating.

Our Culture

At Matahui our culture is very unique.    We are not like other schools.   This is one of our main points of difference. The overall feel and vibe of our school has been described as “absolutely unique”.   Visitors are welcomed onto our school grounds and made to feel welcome.  Our school appreciates differences.    A meeting place where everyone feels safe and welcome.

The school curriculum at Matahui is unique due to our Independent or Private School status.

Our Curriculum

Learning at Matahui takes place in many shapes and forms. Children are all different, hence it makes sense that children also learn in many different ways. At Matahui we understand this, and built a school ethos that acknowledges and values the different strengths of each student. Instead of asking “Is this child smart?”, we ask, “How is this child smart?”. Instead of applying a blanketed approach to teaching at Matahui School we focus on nurturing individual talents. A key founding theory “The Habits of Mind” developed by Dr Art Costa is inter-woven into our curriculum and supports our students to develop real world thinking and life skills. We don’t try to fit students into a box at Matahui!

Multiple Intelligence - nurturing individual talents

Underpinning Theories – Multiple Intelligence

MI theory was developed by philosopher Howard Gardner in 1983. Gardner’s premise was that people have many “intelligences” and that intelligence should not be measured by a pre-determined set of test questions – such as an IQ test. When Jamie Oliver was at school he suffered from Dyslexia. His teachers remarked “he won’t amount to much” and today he is one of UK’s best selling all time authors. Jamie Oliver may not have done well in his school tests but he is extremely gifted and intelligent in other ways. At Matahui we apply that same theory to our teaching practice. This combined with our independent status allows us to nurture individual students talents rather than subject them to pre-defined tests. At Matahui school we appreciate differences and individual brilliance.

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